Sunday, August 13

Gangsta Granny?

It's official, I'm not yet a granny! I didn't get sleepy 'til around 10:30 pm, and that was with cocktails in me. Drinking usually makes me sleepy so I did quite well. Actually, I did better than well, I won the whole pot at Girl's Poker Night! Woo hoo!!!

Our cocktail was The Penny. It's named after a friend of the hostess and I believe it should be sweeping the nation. The Penny is Bacardi Limon, cranberry juice and a splash of 7-up. It's delightful!

When we first arrived, our hostess whipped out a crazy looking aluminum case (shown above). I took one look and, in horror, said "Oh no, you're not gonna play jazz flute are you?!" Thank God it was only a poker chip case. Hey, it was my first poker night. Leamee alone!!

There was much drinking and trash talk for a bunch of rookie players. Our hostess was extraordinarily patient with us but I'd be surprised if she could take another evening like that. More than once she had to shout "Ladies! It's just a game!!"

Lessons learned from our first Girl's Poker Night:
  • You can talk drunk people into playing ridiculous hands.
  • The Penny rocks!
  • Luck is fun!
  • Lauren Hill sounds good after so many years.
  • Red Vines make fun straws for champagne
And my favorite line of the night: "Ok ladies, I'm taking Betty Ford home now."

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