Saturday, August 12

Get down, Granny!

My race to granny-dom continues but the transition is not complete. Today, after lunch with my gay husband (my good friend who is not my husband but happens to be gay), I was handed a long awaited mix CD. I asked him to make a mix for me to work out to. People, I'm here to tell you that if you need an energetic mix, go to your gay husband. Those boys can really throw it down! I listened to the CD on the way home and had a blast. Here's the granny part, on the way home I stopped at both a cross stitch and a quilting store. I tore into the quilting store parking lot with Madonna's "Sorry" blasting. I'm pretty sure I'm the first person to ever "tear" into that parking lot playing anything much less a Madonna remix. I don't care who you are or what music you like, you simply must shake your hips and bob your head when that song is playing. If you happened to be on any So Cal freeway today and saw a woman shaking, bobbing and waving her hands around shouting "WOOOOOOOO!", that was me.

It's a bipolar experience to go from expecting leather clad male dancers and a descending disco ball to magically appear in your car to the silence of a granny meeting place like a quilting store. They are possibly the kindest shop keepers on earth but remixes are not known in them thar parts. They will soon though, I suspect they all have gay husbands but just don't know it yet. In fact, there is one male sales clerk in that store who makes my gaydar fly off the chart whenever I see him. I mean come on, it's a quilting shop for God's sake.

Tonight I'm going to Girl's Poker Night. We'll know how deep I've sunk into the Granny pool soon. If I'm too tired to continure after 9:00 pm, I'll know the damage has been done and if I need this yet.

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Norman said...

I thought by "Granny" you meant the erstwhile Material Girl (pictured) -- and that you were telling her to "get down" off her desperately provocative mirrored cross.

I would have concurred wholeheartedly.