Wednesday, August 23

Is it over yet?

Fall happens to be my favorite season and it can never get here fast enough. Late August is typically when I really start to jones for autumn. Here are a few ways I'm preparing to ring in the new season (and maybe even imagine it's already here):

  • Started having hot tea and one of these every morning, in lieu of my yogurt & berries
  • Searching for new soup recipes. My favorite is butternut squash!
  • Looking for new crafty ways to spend those (hopefully) rainy afternoons. (I just might do this one...don't make me!)
  • Compiling a reading list (one that I will never complete but, because I enjoy the list-making process so much, it really doesn't matter).
  • Looking for new cool weather clothes/shoes
  • Checking out ideas for an evening class. I almost miss the back-to-school action.
  • Deciding which movies are my Must Sees
  • Checking in here every so often to see if it will ever rain again in my neighborhood.
  • I'm not necessarily a big football fan, but I do like to hear these guys doing their thing, in the background, as I do much of the above.
  • And, of course, there are some MAJOR decisions to be made.

What are you doing to get ready for Fall?


Chris Hyde said...

Oh man, you would love living in the Northwest. We are so seasonally driven here it's ridiculous. Once October hits, we definitely change gears. Rain falls. Hot tea and a good book in the evening. Wardrobes totally change. would love it here.

Chris said...

That's cool you have a Xanga account now. I guess I can expect regular comments on my blog now??? :-)