Monday, August 14

Generation whuuuhhhhhht?

One of our Assistants has decided it's entirely appropriate to work with her iPod on at all times. When did this become acceptable? She happens to do a LOT of copying for us, so I understand standing at a copier for an hour a day might be a situation improved upon by enjoying an iPod. I do not understand why it needs to be attached to her skull the remaining hours of her work day.

First, it was people talking on cell phones during movies, now this? What's going on? Oh, and yesterday while in a Mac Store two kids on skateboards came zooming in and were speaking SO LOUDLY I eventually said "Why are we yelling?!" They were too self involved to hear me. The friend who happened to be with me deadpanned "Invest in hearing aids. That generation is screwed."

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shandon said...

I've said it for years: the best two things to invest in these days are hearing aids and tattoo removal technology.