Saturday, August 19

Laying Low

I spent the day "puttering around the house" as mom would say. I got up early and did lots of laundry, tossed a bunch of magazines, cruised around online for more craft inspiration and discovered a new favorite show: Feasting on Asphalt.

I've always dreamed of driving cross country but have, so far, lacked the time and money. I will do it before I die though. This show does it just right, with four rules:
  • There will be no travel on major interstates
  • There will be no eating at major chain restaurants
  • If they can’t locate food or lodging, they will fend for themselves via camping, and most importantly
  • There will be no whining
Alton Brown, and friends, spend a month riding cross country interviewing locals and sampling "road side" favorites. As is his style, Alton does lots of research and explains myths, traditions and how this stuff came into being. I like cooking shows as well as travel shows so this is a fun way enjoy both. Check it out.

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