Monday, August 21

Grease is the word!

I had a great weekend. I got to catch up on my sleep and that always makes me happy. Best of all, I went to a Grease Sing-a-long with a fun group who were actually willing to sing. I also discovered my gay husband knows every "Rama-lama-ding-dong" in "We go Together"! I mean really, who knows that for God's sake?! Even with the words spelled out on screen I can't sing it all. Needless to say, I was terribly impressed. Equally impressive was Shandon's niece quoting Seinfeld ("But I don't want to be a pirate!") for our pre-show entertainment.

The time really flew by. I highly recommend getting friends together for a sing-a-long as often as you can stand. Shandon suggested Saturday Night Fever as a potential sing-a-long. While not technically a musical, we all know those songs so I like the idea. Sing-a-long organizers, take note!

Because the event was at The Egyptian, on Hollywood Blvd., we couldn't resist a stop at a famous souvenir shop. How depressing it turned out to be! I did, however, enjoy the fake ID card I found for Vito Corleone. It listed his stats as follows: "Height: Short, Weight: Stalky, Eyes: Cold". I should have bought it just to put up here. Oh well.

Whenever I go to Hollywood I end up feeling so bad for the tourists there. I hate that they go home thinking they've seen California after an afternoon looking down at the "Walk of Fame" and fitting their hands into the prints in front of the Chinese theater. (Not to be a germphobe but can you imagine the yuck on those handprints?! It's an alarming thought.) Contrary to the disturbing news that Erik Estrada is slated to receive a star on the walk of fame, Hollywood, and So Cal in general, actually have many cultural and historic sites to visit. Hollywood, in particular, has a fascinating history but, like so many other famous destinations, the history is lost in the hub bub. *sigh* I can't help but look at the out-of-towners and think "Oh dear, you had some money to spend on a nice trip and you came here?" Of course, the area is getting a decent makeover. It will inevitably end up being a generic Times Square sort of re-do, but a clean up is definitely in order.

Another thought: I wonder how many tourists the Scientologists nab by having such primo real estate in two locations on Hollywood Blvd.? Do you think they landed there looking for runaways or something? Maybe they figured it was sin central down there and they could help? Hmmm, I wonder how/when they got that land and why? Does anyone out there know the fun facts here? (By the way, if my blog suddenly disappears or is know who to blame!)

In the interest of fair and balanced blogging, I give you the anti-Sceintology site.

Oh oh!! Speaking of "religion", have I ever mentioned this fun site? It takes about 15 mintes to take the quiz. You will probably not be terribly surprised by the results, but it's a good time anyway. Enjoy!


Norman said...

Hair: Balding

Chris said...

I'm still cracking up about the "gay husband" thing. I told my gay husband that he was, in fact, my gay husband and he totally cracked up. So now I'm running around telling everyone I have a gay husband. At church on Sunday I said to someone, "Well, you know, Dale is my gay husband." The woman laughed and said, "What's new!" It's great that a couple of straight guys can be each other's gay husbands. Too funny!