Friday, August 11

Chatty Cathy hits 100

According to, this is my 100th post. Wow, that was fast. Somebody tell me to shut up already! I won't, but you can always ask.

I'd like to dedicate #100 to my still-fun high school classmates I had dinner with last night. It's amazing that so much time can pass but the good ones stay the same in all the right ways. Together we are married, single, conservative, liberal, educated, funny, well traveled, out-of-staters and we still manage to have a blast together. I chalk it up to knowing what everyone at the table looked like in braces, feathered hair and terrible fashion. How embarrassing!

Most of us went our separate ways after high school and lost track of each other. We re-connected for our last reunion and have stayed in touch ever since. We all agree that our small get togethers are MUCH more fun than the official reunions. It looks like we'll be getting together once a year now. Yea!! About 6 of the local girls get together for dinner once a month. It's another grand tradition that I highly recommend.

And speaking of old friends, today is Katherine Hepburn day on TCM. You still have a chance to watch/Tivo Long Day's Journey Into Night if you hurry.

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Chris Hyde said...

You're right...even though we're all different, we still have a blast together. Can't wait for the next visit!