Saturday, August 19

Crafty Inspiration

Before the Great Bear Incident of Summer '06, I was happily working on this blog. Now that the bear has had her picnic and left, here is the finished blog:

As mentioned, I've been snooping around online looking for inspiration and future project ideas. So far, I've decided I'd like to give the following a try:
Folks are making cool stuff out there!! The blogs on alone are very inspiring. The only problem is that there seem to be so many crafts and so little time.

Here are some other fun sites I found:


TheAnchorBend said...

I love the photos of the embroidery pieces! Where did you find them?

~ Lucy said...

I got them at under the "Sewing & Embroidery" link to the left.

Aren't they cool?!

TheAnchorBend said...

Thanks so much for the link! Guess I know what I'll be working on this winter!